Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Curriculum possibilities and ebay!

Holy Cow! Did you know you can buy homeschool books, and even entire curricula, on ebay?? I always forget ebay is out there... I'm so excited - many of the books I've been looking at are there for half price. Jackpot!
And I've come across 2 more curriculum producers that I find exciting. McRuffy has really interesting science and math programs. And 'Artistic Pursuits' from Rainbow Resource Center looks like a great art program that involves history, theory, and practice. I'd been wondering how I would teach art because I know so little about it, and this gets rave reviews. I also just discovered which seems like a really good resource. Just thought I'd share!

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  1. Hello! Found you at Tot School, and thought I would poke around your blog a bit. Welcome to homeschooling :) You mentioned Artistic Pursuits and I couldn't lurk any longer ;) We LOVE that program, highly recommend it!

    Kathy D.