Thursday, August 9, 2012

Random update!

 This is just a random update. I know I've loved hearing about a lot of your kids over the blogging years, and I love to see how they are doing, even if it's infrequently...So anyway, in case you miss him...!
Crumpet is doing great. This boy, who hated academics last year, was given an almost complete break from scheduled learning this summer. That wasn't entirely my plan, but his neighbor friends showed up early every morning, and I just never could squeak in any teaching time. Seriously, we barely even got to the pool. I must say, I was counting the days til those kids went back to school, and I'm very relieved that they only "live" here part-time now. But, it was good for Crumpet. He's getting better socially, and educationally, wow. This boy was meant to be unschooled, as I've always said but couldn't embrace til now. He has taught himself very basic multiplication. He no longer speaks in words, but instead, spells everything he says to me. SPELLS it. He hated spelling. He WRITES lists constantly, and he's drawing up a storm. He hated writing..The transformation has been amazing to watch. Topics he just couldn't grasp in the spring have clicked and become easy. I love this. Every once in a while, I get the urge to "teach" and I have to kick myself and remember to stand back and let it flow. Because it will.  Of course, we read constantly, and educational opportunities abound here if he wants to partake, but I push very little on him.

 Also, we have bugs in the house. Many, many bugs. They are the current obsession, and I'm trying to maintain his joy and love for all these creepy crawlies, while I gag through cleaning the cages. Oh my. Raising a boy is an adventure...