Saturday, July 18, 2009

Tot School

This week in Tot School:

Crumpet has been having trouble with the difference between E and F so we did them together this week. We put googly eyes on the E's and flower stickers on the F's. (The laminator didn't really like the googly eyes!)

We made this elephant out of an E. ("Our Crafts N Things")

We made letters out of popsicle sticks and playdoh.

We painted with feathers. This didn't work as well as I hoped, but it was fun.

We practiced matching upper and lower case letters using these eggs. ("Adventures of a Flake")

We used a pre-K workbook and went hunting for E's.

We matched Easter egg cards.

We worked on organizing colors by shade from lightest to darkest. (Mommy, Teach Me!) We did this using paint cards from Walmart. Crumpet had no trouble with the lightest and darkest, but he had some difficulty with the shades in between.

We've been raising butterflies for the past couple of weeks, and they emerged from their chrysalides this week! This was a really neat project. For more info, check my other blog postings.
We went to a festival called "Touch a Truck". There were lots of trucks - fire trucks, a school bus, construction vehicles, a garbage truck... The kids could climb all over the trucks, steer, and honk the horns (it was LOUD!). Crumpet was ecstatic!

LOVE this boy!


  1. You guys were busy and did some really fun things too!

    I especially love the the elephant "Ee" craft and the egg matching. Thanks for sharing these ideas--we'll have to save and try them later!!

    We also made popscicle letters in our Preschool Corner this week:-).

  2. I love all the fun E and F crafts, especially the elephant and painting with feathers. I am definitely going to have to save those ideas for when we get there.

  3. Touch a Truck happens in the fall here and my kids love it! We painted with feathers after reading Birds by Kevin Henkes - fun! I have to make some of those letter matching eggs. Great week!

  4. RockerTot would love "Touch a Truck". We were in a fender bender the other day and he asked to "touch police man's car". Oh, and I made the geoboard. You can find the info here

    (I didn't make it a link because I have no idea if html can be used in comments.)

  5. We also did butterfly's this week :)thanks for sharing some great ideas I really like the egg ABC match!!

  6. The letter matching eggs are a great idea. I may use that with my son - we need to work on lowercase letters. I love the touch a truck festival - I wish they would have one here! M would be in heaven! Thanks for sharing!

  7. I love the last picture - so cute. I bet Crumpet loved Truck festival - I think my daughter would have enjoyed it too. Happy teaching!

  8. i just purchased the butterfly garden... waiting for it to come it looks like loads of fun... the elephant e is adorable and a great idea!