Friday, November 26, 2010

Preschool - 11/26

This was a very quiet week around here. It was so nice! We spent the time getting ready for Thanksgiving (which was wonderful), and playing, and getting a little bit ahead on our school work. I'm hoping to take a few weeks off when Daddy gets home...
We actually sat down and did school work on 3 mornings this week, which was my goal. Woo hoo!
Math:We finished our unit on clocks, and Crumpet is now pretty good at telling time to the hour and reading the time when it is written.
Reading: We started a new Progressive Phonics book. The style of teaching in the phonics books has changed a bit for this level, and we like it. It involves some repetition, but they make it fun, so Crumpet doesn't mind. He is now reading entire pages. He also did his first word search puzzle in his McRuffy workbook, and he thought that was a lot of fun.
Science:We finally received the Scholastic Book order I place 2 months ago, which included a set of Magic School Bus books. My plan was to read one at a time and make a science unit out of each. Crumpet has other plans - he loves them, so we are rapidly working through the box. I guess we'll reread them and make science units out of them at some other time! We performed the balloon inflating experiments from Tired, Need Sleep here. These were so fun. Crumpet was a big fan of the baking soda and vinegar one that threatened to explode all over the kitchen. "Again again!!!"
Science/Art: I bought some sun print paper at the contemporary art museum last week. We had used this an art class in Georgia, and I think it's really neat. This time, we used sunscreen on one sheet and left the other one alone. I had heard that sunscreen would let less light through and the designs would not be as bright. You can sort of tell which paper had sunscreen (the one on the right)...

And can you believe the only other pictures I took this week were of the giant goose egg on Crumpet's forehead? He slipped and fell face first on our hard linoleum floors. Ouch.

I hope you all had a great week, and a wonderful Thanksgiving! For more preschool posts, head over to Homeschool Creations!


  1. It's awesome that Crumpet is doing so great with reading. We also did some word searches lately. They were not exactly geared to preschool audience, so I had to help Anna somewhat. I guess I need to find word searches that are not so intimidating for her. I liked the last picture - Crumpet is cute even with a goose egg.

  2. Oh poor Crumpet! He actually looks a little proud of that big goose egg, I think. :) I like the sun paper too, it's so cool. Wish I could find some around here that isn't expensive. I'm going to have to check out some Magic Schoolbus books, I think Matthew would love them too! Great week!!