Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Practicing Gratitude - Gifts 176-200!

I have many simple gifts to list this week, but also 2 that are particularly special to me:

176: My goddaughter was tentatively diagnosed, and then quickly UNdiagnosed with an adrenal tumor. This little girl means the world to me, and I cry with relief every time I think about the fact that she is ok.
177: A beautiful story of breastfeeding success for a friend of mine.

178: Time to play with Crumpet.
179: Houseplants
180: I've finally learned to distinguish between 'friends' and friends, who will drop everything and help you out when you need them.
181: Thanksgiving is over. It was fun, but exhausting!
182: The Thanksgiving leftovers are gone. The scale can stop going up at an alarming rate...
183: I got a new military ID. And it was easy.
184: The picture on the new ID is decent.
185: I was warned that Crumpet is in danger of losing medical benefits if I don't bring in a copy of his social security card - before he actually lost benefits...
186: Kind, observant government employees.
187: Homemade pizza
188: Audiobooks
189: We are getting lots of rain.
190: Most of the rain is coming at night, so it doesn't affect our daytime plans.
191: Training wheels.
192: I managed to pay the mortgage on the house in Georgia without taking money out of our savings account.
193: Good neighbors
194: Extra large bath towels.
195: Cable t.v at the gym
196: I finally got an e-mail from Crumpet Sr. I was starting to worry...
197: Scratching posts
198: Hand-me-down clothes.
199: Great craft ideas from other blogs
200: Quiet weeks for playing catch up.

Once again, no pictures. Quiet weeks are great, but it means that there's not much to document with photos... I'll have to remember to just take a few random ones next week...


  1. At least you are making to the gym - good for you! All this candy eating is going to get me.

  2. I loved 185-being warned BEFORE he lost benifits...and that your new id was easy and relatively good picture! LOL Only another military spouse would truly get the blessings these are.