Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Practicing Gratitiude: Gifts 101-125

More of my many gifts:
101) We were invited to an amazing Lego birthday party last weekend.
102) I have a big spacious house so...
103)I'm hosting Thanksgiving but...
104) Someone else is bringing the Turkey!
105) Playdoh eventually comes out of the carpet
106) I'm getting really good at networking.
107) The woman across the street, who spends a lot of time swearing at her kids at the top of her lungs, is moving in January!
108) The library system here has an annual book sale that is incredible.
109) The color green.
110) The weather is cooler so I don't have to water the garden every single day.
111) Saturday night dinner parties.
112) The time doesn't change in Hawaii.
113) Crumpet played with the little neighbor boy for hours this week. They used to fight constantly.
114) Sea turtles
115) We started delivering for Meals on Wheels this week.
116) Crumpet was great during the delivery process.
117) We found everyone on our route, despite the crazy roads here.
118) My Wildtree foods order came in - I love that stuff!
119) Crumpet slept until 7am today. That is nothing short of a miracle!
120) We have enough to be able to share with others.
121) I was reminded of Operation Christmas Child in time to pack a shoebox.
122) My husband will be home in about 6 weeks. I am ready.
123) I cured the fungus on the hibiscus flowers with a milk and water solution
125) My car gets great mileage.


  1. The Lego party looks incredible! I bet Crumpet had a lot of fun. Someone went through a lot of trouble setting up all that stuff! We just picked some of our stuff up out of storage and my 17 year old was so happy to be reunited with some of his lego's. He played, I mean, built things with them for an entire afternoon! LOL You're never too old for Lego's.

  2. Busy life! I am glad to hear that your husband will be home for Christmas!

  3. Oh, my! I would've had fun at that Lego party myself! And sea turtles! How cool!

    I like mail, too. Well, not bills. ;)