Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Practicing Gratitude: Gifts 51-100

More blessings that I've been grateful for this week:
51) Music
52) Cool breezes at night
53) Airplanes
54) Coffee
55) Fancy creamers for coffee
56) The community gym in my housing development
57) Yoga
58) Waterproof mattress covers
59) Clean bathrooms
60)Papaya and avocado salads with honey and lime dressing
61) Exotic Hawaiian fruits
62) Kisses from Crumpet - there is nothing sweeter
63) Our fantastic library
64) Our children's librarian who has won awards for what he does
65) The library story hour, run by the above librarian
66) The right to vote
67) Great children's theatre
68) My Christmas shopping for Crumpet is done
69) Crumpet was incredibly polite on Halloween
70) Enough candy to feed us for a year
71) New friends
72) Blog friends who offer advice and support when I need it most!
73) My laminator
74) Our zoo pass
75) Crumpet has 3 living great grandparents and he met a 4th
76) The Harry Potter movie is coming out soon, and I have a babysitter for Crumpet and friends to go to the movie with!
77) My husband's port calls so we can talk via Skype
78) My grandparents are all computer literate so I can send news and pictures easily
79) I found the perfect wedding gift for our most recent house guests
80) Crumpet was wonderful with the little dog that came with our house guests
81) I have time to cross stitch these days (well, some days)
82) Stain stick
83) The smell of plumeria flowers
84) The military commissary, which makes food affordable in Hawaii
86) Payday
87) Topical flea prevention for the pets
88) 1-800 Pet Meds, where I found said flea prevention for 1/2 the price of the pet store!
89) Free prescriptions through our military health insurance
90) Homemade chocolate pretzel granola bars, oh my...
91) I remembered to put out the recycling bin just in time today
92) The election is over so now the ugly billboards will come down.
93) The election is over so now I will have my e-mail inbox to myself again.
94) I found a pair of shorts to purchase. Even though it will be at least 80 degrees all winter, stores are mostly selling winter clothes right now...
95) Crumpet has an amazing imagination.
96) The pumpkins lasted through Halloween and didn't rot in the heat
97) Hubby was just in port for 3 days and we got to speak with him more than once each day.
98) Hubby will back in port in couple of weeks for more phone calls
99) Near perpetual sunshine.
100) I found canned pumpkin and stocked up - apparently it's hard to find here around the holidays!


  1. Great list! I am curious about the recipe for homemade chocolate granola bars :) It looks like you had a lot of fun on Halloween.