Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Practicing Gratitude - Gifts 126 -150

Some more reasons I feel blessed:

127: Sunrise
128: We get to spend 2 1/2 more years in Hawaii
129: We've been budgeting as if we have no tenants in the house in Georgia, which is good because our tenants are leaving early, and we have no replacements yet...
130: Cartridge world - they refill your printer ink cartridges at a huge discount.
131: Crumpet played at a friend's house today without trouble
132: Free days at art museums.
133: Ceiling fans
134: Phone chats with old friends
135: Freedom of speech
136: Friends of friends are moving in down the street from me. They are also homeschoolers, and seem nice.
137: The above friends are coming for Thanksgiving so I will get to know them better.
138: Days when Crumpet is happy.
139: We got to see an amazing guest storyteller/musician at the library.
140: The storyteller made Crumpet smile, and he even participated a bit.
141: We went grocery shopping for Thanksgiving a week early. This is lucky because the store was a madhouse and I'm sure it will only be worse next week!
142: Sidewalks.
143: My grandmother and I talk on the phone more and more often. I cherish the times I have spent with her.
144: "My" dog, who now lives with my parents, is no longer limping.
145: A good friend's dog is doing well on chemo. The dog is her baby, so I'm happy they will have more time together.
146: A clean car!
147: Homemade bread.
148: Reusable shopping bags.
149: Alone time to watch junk t.v., drink wine, and cross stitch.
150: A joyous heart.

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  1. Alone time can be quite a gift. I love reading these posts, they are very inspirational.