Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Practicing Gratitude - Gifts 151-175

It's Thanksgiving week, and I'm feeling very grateful for so many things. In fact I'm kind of soppy and ridiculous right now.. I'm grateful for:

151: A wonderful, fun get together at a friend's house, just when I thought I could not handle being a single parent with no adult time for another second..
152: The delicious homemade pasta and Cheesecake Factory dessert that were served at the get together.
153: The host's fabulous 11 year old daughter who takes such good care of Crumpet so the adults can play games and chat.
154: Crumpet is learning to do his chores well, and he will be doing them without help from me soon!
155: Crumpet is learning the value of money. Twice in the last week, he has gone to the store with money to spend. He found that there was nothing worth wasting his money on though, and chose to save for something better. It made him cry, but he made great decisions!
156: I remembered to praise him for his good decisions, and to take his sadness seriously.
157: Crumpet is reading at the same level as his 7 year old friend in first grade.
158: Crumpet is beginning to show confidence in his reading and to be proud of himself, which is helping him enjoy it more.
159: Blackout curtains.
160: Our great property manager in Georgia.
161: I have a wonderful extended family that lives all over the world, and yet stays close.
162: One of those family members is in Africa working as a nurse in a missionary hospital. I feel that I've grown closer to her through e-mail and blogging during the years she has spent there.
163: I have learned to count my blessings even more after her stories of sadness (and also joy) from Africa.
164: All but one of my 6 grandparents lived until well into my 30's, so I had a chance to get to know them well.
165: 3 of those 6 grandparents are still living.
166: I have great in-laws.
167: Facebook, which I hate, but also love, because it helps me keep in touch with old friends.
168: My college roommate, who is my very best friend.
169: All of the friends who have stayed in touch through my many moves.
170: Crumpet seems truly relieved that we are finished at the preschool.
171: I made the decision to homeschool before ever sending Crumpet off to school. If I hadn't, we'd be reeling now, and desperately trying to figure out how to homeschool...
172: I have so many homeschooling friends who have made this seem like a do-able, normal option.
173: I found an awesome new pair of sunglasses, cheap.
174: Exploring the world with my little boy.

175: I have time to read tonight, so I'm off to go do that! Have a grateful Thanksgiving!!

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  1. How exciting that Crumpet's reading is taking off and that he is making such good decisions about money. Enjoy your Thanksgiving!