Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Preschool Week of 4/1

This week, school took a back seat to field trips and fun outings. It was a busy, fun week. I'll start with the small amount of schoolwork that we accomplished.
Crumpet is finally discovering an interest in coloring, and he has started to stay inside the lines!
We played this cute build-a-bunny dice game that I saw at Homeschool Creations, here.
Crumpet got a toy compass in an Easter egg at one of the two egg hunts we went to. He has no idea how to use it, but he has been walking around telling me that it says "Go north. Go left." It's his first use of a compass (he has seen them in pirate books...), and it's pretty cute.
We also did many of the Easter activities at abc teach. We read a rebus story and answered the comprehension questions that followed. (This time he was clueless as to what happened in the story; apparently I was reading gibberish...) We did several good math worksheets, and we colored an Easter egg picture.

Now, on to our outings. On Saturday, we headed to Charlotte, NC to visit friends and family. On the way, we stopped at our town Easter egg hunt.
Then, we stopped at Riverbanks Zoo in Columbia, SC (we go there a lot...). Here's the new baby giraffe - he was adorable with his mama...
Crumpet got to feed the lorikeets again:
He was very careful to make sure each bird got its fair share of nectar:
The flowers were blooming and it was a gorgeous day. The zoo was packed though - I'm so glad we homeschool and get to do these things on weekdays most of the time!
From there, we drove to Charlotte and spent the weekend with some very close Irish friends of mine who now live in the States. They have 3 daughters that Crumpet has known almost since birth, and they had a fantastic time hanging out together in the evenings. During the days, Crumpet and I visited with my grandmother and toured the kid friendly museums of Charlotte. She comes down from N.H. every year to visit her aunt, and I drive up to visit with them. We went to the Charlotte Nature Museum, and also Discovery Place. I'll blog about them this week and next for Field Trip Friday.
We arrived home Monday night. Wednesday, we went with our mom's group to the YMCA's "Eggstravaganza" at their campground by the lake. There was a petting zoo:
The kids decorated bags for collecting eggs:
There was a hayride to the place where the eggs were scattered, and everyone gathered a bunch of eggs:
Then, we had a picnic and played by the water. Here's Crumpet practicing for Hawaii and building sand castles!
Phew, I'm exhausted! Next week, we're off to Atlanta for spring break. We'll be spending a few days with Crumpet's cousins, his favorite people on earth. I'm sure it will be more fun and games!


  1. What a busy week - Crumpet is such an experienced traveler. I am impressed with his coloring. Anna still has very little interest in it.

  2. Hello,
    I just found your blog and have been enjoying it. It looks like you had a really fun week! Real life experiences are the very best for preschoolers.
    I blog about homepreschooling/homeschooling too at . Stop by; you might find something encouraging there.
    Susan Lemons