Thursday, March 18, 2010

Preschool Corner - Week of 3/18, St. Patrick's Day

This week, we managed a whopping one day of school activities. But it was St. Patrick's Day, so at least it was a fun day of school! And the rest of the week was pretty great life school...

We started out by locating Ireland on the globe. I used to live in Ireland, so we pulled out some of my many beautiful picture books of the country and flipped through. We talked about the different areas of the country and some of the things that are popular there. Crumpet thought it looked wonderful, and is ready to move there... He's definitely my child - he'll go anywhere and see anything, just to be traveling...
Then we talked about St. Patrick and the fact that he taught the people of Ireland about Christianity. Crumpet colored a shamrock, and we talked about the 3 leaves representing the Holy Trinity. Then he cut out the shamrock - his cutting skills are still not very good, and the process is kind of painful to watch, but he did manage to cut the shamrock away from the original page.
I found a rebus story about a leprechaun, complete with comprehension questions, at abc teach. Crumpet enjoyed the little story, and answered all of the questions correctly, which kind of blew me away. I never know how much he is paying attention to...
I found a science experiment at abc teach, also. We took a cup of milk and added 3 drops of red, yellow and blue food coloring at equal distances from each other around the edge. Then we placed a drop of dish soap in the middle.
The colors are supposed to swirl and form a rainbow. Ours barely budged, and I'm assuming it's because I only had fat free milk. Ooops. Oh well, we mixed the colors with a spoon and made this beautiful rainbow:
And after a while, this ugly brown milk:
And then, Crumpet added every single drop of food coloring that I owned to the milk, to make black. Uggh. But it kept him quiet and busy for a long, long time. :)
We made these cupcakes from Family Fun magazine. These were yummy, and Crumpet even ate the cupcakes, in addition to the frosting. Usually, he skips the cake...
Our one non-St.Patrick's day activity was this dice game:
I found the printables at Mama Jenn's blog, here. You roll a die and circle the number that pops up until one of the cars wins. Crumpet doesn't always like this kind of game, but because it was cars racing, he loved it. There is also a princess version of this game.

Much of Crumpet's week was spent playing with this most fabulous, wonderful hand-me-down pirate ship. He played on his own for hours and hours!
We also spent time playing with a big stack of new games I bought at my favorite biannual consignment sale. Hopefully, I'll get to write about them soon. We finally got our official military orders to move, so now, life gets really crazy. We can start booking movers and making plans, at last. I'm hoping to be able to keep up with some schooling at the same time! Have a great week!


  1. Selena and I tried the same milk experiment and didn't have the best of results either. She did have fun though once we started just swishing the colors around to make them blend. Those cupcakes look so yummy!

  2. Hmmmm, interesting theory for why it didn't work. It looks so fun, we may have to try it. Of course, then I'd have to keep the kids from drinking it.
    Looks like a fun week. Where you moving to?

  3. How awesome it is that Crumpet played by himself for so much. This will definitely come in handy during crazy weeks of planning your move. I always wanted to visit Ireland - it's one of the few countries in Eastern Europe which I hasn't been to. Maybe one day.

  4. we'll have to try it with our whole milk and see how that works! :)

    Can I come look at your picture books? :)

  5. We also did the milk experiment and didnt have it work. HOWEVER, i recently saw someone on a blog who did it correctly! If i remember right- they put the drops of food coloring into the bowl and then they dipped something small,like a toothpick or q-tip into dish soap and very lightly touched the different food coloring drops. It moved around in very cool ways! Im hoping im remembering it right. We are going to try it again soon and see if we can do it right this time :)
    Oh, and thanks for the link to that car game! Connor would like it i think.

  6. Those are great ideas...I am going to have to use a couple of those in my Luke's school! =)

  7. Those cupcakes look really delicious! I love that he added all the food coloring to the milk... and that you let him. :) I like the look of the racecar game, and I'm going to go take a look at that rebus story. You had a great week - I'm impressed that you were able to fit so much in one day!