Thursday, March 4, 2010

Preschool - Week of 3/4

This was a really slow week. We did very few activities at home. We did go on two field trips though. I've posted about our trip to the planetarium for Field Trip Friday this week, and I'll post about the other trip to a children's museum next week.

Fine Motor Skills:
Crumpet surprised me this week when he was outside drawing with chalk. He was quietly drawing away when he said "Look, Mom! The letters L, C, and U!" And he had, in fact, written really good versions of those letters. We have done almost no writing practice yet, so I was really impressed!

Crumpet practiced hanging socks on a mini-clothesline. He'd never done this with clothespins before, but he did pretty well.

He also practiced putting rubber bands around a jar. I saw this idea at Tired, Need Sleep . He found this very difficult, but he kept working at it until he got a few rubber bands on there!

We started this really cute craft having to do with March coming in like a lion and going out like a lamb. It's a 2 sided puppet, and I saw it here at Almost Unschoolers. Unfortunately, a tantrum interrupted our project, and there is no lamb.
We read A Visit with Great-Grandma by Sharon Hart Addy and Lydia Halverson. It's a sweet story about a little girl who goes to visit her great grandmother. The great grandmother speaks very little English, but using their hearts to communicate, they make a Czechoslovakian dessert called kolach (like a jelly roll) together. Crumpet decided he'd like to try it, and there was a recipe in the back, so we made some. It's a huge project, and ours is not at all pretty, but it tasted good!!
And that is really and truly all we did this week... At least it makes it easy to do better next week!


  1. I love that he started writing all on his own! Makes you so proud to see them start something out of their own desire! Super cute lion! I also feel you on the whole "tantrum interupted our craft".

  2. I am pretty impressed that you actually cooked from a recipe in the book. It doesn't look like an easy one. For some reason I found it a little funny that tantrum had interrupted your art project - we have those days too.

  3. I think it looks yummy.
    And I have a lot of art projects that end the same way, not quite as I'd planned it.