Wednesday, March 31, 2010

I won the Fitness Challenge!

I won the fitness challenge!! I can't believe it! It seems that a little competition is just what I needed. It also helped that I knew I'd be posting my progress here on the blog, and I didn't want to be too embarassed! The challenge ended up being great for me. I lost 7 pounds in the 6 weeks and I exercised at least 5 days a week, so I achieved both of my original goals. I lost 2 inches off my waist and 1 1/2 inches off of both my hips and thighs. My clothes fit properly now. My ultimate goal is just to be one size down from where I am now. I learned to control my cravings, and to be mindful of everything I put in my mouth. And I've learned to make exercise a part of my life.
Sherri, at Families are Fun, is extending the challenge for another 6 weeks, and I'm thrilled. I'm a bit concerned that I won't do nearly as well, as our life spirals into chaos during the move. However, I'm hoping that continuing to participate will help me to remain mindful of how I'm treating my body during all of this. I'd like to lose 3 more pounds in the coming month, and then somehow manage to keep it off and continue to exercise 4 times a week as we travel. Ha ha ha. I went away this past weekend, and was completely UNfit. So this will truly be a challenge. Wish me luck!
P.S. If you want to join the challenge for the next 6 weeks, Sherri would love to have you! And, she's hosting a yoga DVD giveaway right now, so check out her blog here!


  1. Yeah! Good for you! I'm proud of you. Now, if I could just get myself that motivated!

  2. Congratulations on winning the challenge. I really need to find some motivation (and time) to exercise. If you can do it during your move, so can I :)

  3. Congrats on the fitness challenge! I am going to try it out this round, although I'm coming on a few days late!

    We homeschool our four . . . and love it.

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  4. Congratulations on meeting your goals! Great job!:) Maybe I should join the next challenge. I could certainly use the motivation...hmmm....

  5. CONGRATULATIONS! That is a huge accomplishment.