Friday, August 20, 2010

Science Sunday - water and food (for lack of a snazzier name)

We continue to do experiments from our Usborne Science in the Kitchen book. This week, we did a set of experiments relating to water and food.
We talked about the reasons for dehydrating food - it's lighter for travel and it lasts longer. Then we rehydrated a bag of dried peas. Here are the peas right after I added water:
And here they are a few hours later - they popped the top off of the container!
Next, we dehydrated a cucumber slice using sugar.
The sugar draws out the water and leaves a big puddle within 10 minutes or so:
And lastly, I showed Crumpet what happens when some food gets wet in storage. We sprinkled a piece of bread with water and placed it in a plastic bag. Then, we dried out a piece of bread in the sun and placed it in a bag for comparison. Of course, if I didn't want the bread to mold, it would have molded much more quickly. This took forever. But in the end, we grew mold. Ta da!
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  1. I didn't know sugar would do that. And of course now I'm thinking of all sorts of silly names

  2. I love it. Unfortunately we sometimes grow mold without intending too - eek.

  3. I was going to say the same thing as Natalie! My kids get to see mold a bit too often around here! We haven't looked at dehydrating food yet, though. That looks like an interesting lesson.

  4. Each of these are fun! My Joe would love this! Thank you for sharing it.