Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Science Sunday - The Magic of Dish Soap

This week, we did a few more experiments from our Usborne Science in the Kitchen book.They all involved dish soap.
First, we put butter on a plate and tried to wash it off with plain water. No luck. Then we mixed in some dish soap and the butter came right off. We talked about the fact that dish soap helps water mix with other substances and makes cleaning things easier. We talked briefly about oily birds, but not much because that kind of thing could freak Crumpet out for years.
Then we made bubble solution out of dish soap and talked about the fact that dish soap is stretchy and can stretch out over the air you blow into the bubble wand.
Lastly, to demonstrate how stretchy dish soap is, we "sprinkled" baby powder over a bowl of water (really, one of us dumped half the bottle in):
And then we added a few drops of dish soap to the bowl. The soap pushes the powder out of the way as it quickly spreads out across the bowl. This would have worked better with less powder.
It was fun to sprinkle more powder on top of the soap film, because it spread out to the edges immediately! Crumpet loved this experiment and used my entire mini bottle of baby powder.
We are loving these experiments because they are all so easy and fun. For more science fun, check out Adventures in Mommydom!


  1. I've done that with pepper before, but baby powder does make sense.

    "one of us dumped half the bottle in," bwa ha ha ha ha ha. Oh wait, it's not nice to laugh at other's misfortunes. Considering I'm still walking on salt after vaccuuming our kitchen.

  2. Ticia's comment cracked me up. We did an experiment with food coloring, milk and dish soap some time ago that is similar in nature... and a lot less mess-inducing :) Self-made bubbles are still on my list of things to do.