Saturday, August 14, 2010

Geography studies - England

This week, we toured England for our geography studies. Crumpet was born near Cambridge, England, so I enjoy talking to him about his birthplace. I hope that someday he'll want to visit it so I can go back!
The best resource we found for this study was the website Project Britain. If you want to know something about England, it's there. I could have navigated around all day and kept coming up with more fun information. We took the armchair tour around England and then just looked at a lot of great pictures.
We also talked about the difference between England and Great Britain, and discussed the monarchy a bit. We read the book Look What Came From England. We read A Bear Called Paddington.

Then we made this cute English bobby (police officer) from DLTK here. Crumpet is all about being a police officer right now so he liked this. We just glued the clothes on the paper doll.
Here is a much younger Crumpet in his own English bobby outfit which was given to us a by a friend stationed in England at the same time. He refused to put it on this week, even though he still wears it often.
We made... CRUMPETS. We didn't know if Crumpet would be a boy or girl when I was pregnant with him, so we called him Crumpet until he was born. So of course, we had to try a recipe.I added whipped cream and strawberries. I loved them. Crumpet liked them "because of the whipped cream". I did add sugar to the whipped cream, which the British don't do, but I figured Crumept wouldn't touch it otherwise!
Then, we took a look at Stonehenge (thanks to Ticia at Adventures in Mommydom!). We went to Stonehenge:With a teeny tiny 4 week old Crumpet - see the white hood between hubby and me? That's baby Crumpet. Sadly, he doesn't remember this trip.
And did you know that just down the road from Stonehenge is a place called Woodhenge? It was apparently built on the same principles during prehistoric times and used to have very tall posts. Now it is marked with smaller posts (the original wood didn't last quite as well as the giant stones).
I showed Crumpet all of our pictures and started building Stonehenge with Jenga blocks. He also decided to build Woodhenge with Unifix blocks. Then he added a totem pole...(wrong time and place?!) And then he blew them all up with Star Wars ships. It's no Act of God, but I thought it was funny that all boys must blow up Stonehenge...
Just for fun, did you know about Foamhenge in Virginia? My husband and I were driving through the countryside on our way to go camping. We both saw this out of the corner of our eyes:
We didn't say anything for a minute, and then we looked at each other, saying 'Um, did you see Stonehenge?' We were really hoping we hadn't lost our minds. Turns out, we both saw it, so we turned around to check it out. It looks just like the real thing... It was so odd to see it out in the fields of Virginia...


  1. I love his bobby! If we'd had Star Wars ships handy I'm sure that would have blown up our Stonehenge as well.

    Those foam blocks look so much like stone!

    And, for my final comment. I've never heard of Woodhenge. That's cool to know about.

  2. What a cool "trip" to England! I love everything that you did. Very cool Stonehenge out of blocks, and I have never heard of VA Foamhendge. I am also curious - can Crumpet get British citizenship because he was born in UK?