Sunday, August 8, 2010

Science Sunday - Evaporation and Rainbow Sugar

This week, we did several experiments demonstrating evaporation. This was the prettiest, and the tastiest!
You will need:
2 spoons of sugar (we used tablespoons)
10 spoons of water
Food coloring
4 Foil dishes or bowls covered in foil

Stir the sugar into the water until it dissolves. Pour 2 spoonfuls of water onto each foil dish. Add a different food color (1 or 2 drops) to each dish. Leave the dish in a warm place.
After 4 days, all of our water had evaporated, and we cracked the sugar crystals off of the foil onto a plate.
And Crumpet promptly ate them!
I found this experiment in a little Usborne science activity book that was distributed at Chick- Fil-A with the kid's meals (I bought it from Homeschool Library Builder last year). This one is called Science in the Kitchen and it has some really easy, fun projects. You'll be seeing more of them soon!
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  1. Oooohhhhh, that is a yummy experiment.

  2. I Love it! We are going to start back to "school" in about two weeks, promptly after my husband deploys, so that we can make heads and tails of our days!

  3. I love it - this is a great (and yummy) experiment. I think I might try it out here as well.

  4. Definatly putting this on our list of things to try! I like that it's so easy. Thank you for sharing.