Sunday, August 15, 2010

A Light Went On In My House Tonight...

And I heard a big "click" as suddenly, Crumpet was reading 3 letter words!! He read a whole list of them and kept asking for more. It was very clear that he understood that he should sound out the letters, say them together, and a word would result. And so, we are off on a new adventure. I've been so excited for this moment, and now I just want to cry. He's not a baby anymore!


  1. Awe !! I think that is the most amazing CLICK moment in homeschooling !!!

    Congrats to you both.

  2. Sigh, we're still waiting for that click!

    CONGRATULATIONS for your click!

  3. Yes, exciting and sad all at the same time. RIght about the same age it happened for Caleb. Hannah is SOOO different though, but not concerned, she'll get there-she is just stronger in other areas (more creative/imaginative). Will he let you video reading a few words? I love having video of Caleb reading his first simple books.