Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Crumpet and I have been working on growing things from seeds. The first thing we grew was this marigold. We bought it at Lowe's around Easter time. I'm all about cute gimmicks. This came in an egg, and the directions were to tap off the top of the egg with a spoon and add water. Crumpet was religious about watering his dirt. Then he started carrying it around the house with him, and spilling more and more dirt, so I had to move it to a safe place! When the seed sprouted, we transplanted it and moved it outdoors. It has done really well, and we are very proud of ourselves!
Our other planting involved sunflower seeds. This is part of a larger project I'll write about soon. But for now, we are enjoying seeing how tall they will get, and we were excited to see the first flowers this week! We have a large patch of them, and it looks like more will bloom next week. It should be very pretty.

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