Saturday, June 20, 2009


Hi. I'm all new to this blogging thing so bear with me! I'll be using this blog primarily as a way to document our homeschooling activities, in case anyone ever wants to follow in our footsteps, or just know what we're up to all day. And I'd like to look back and remember some of the cool stuff we do! I have a 3 year old son, Crumpet, and we are just beginning with homeschooling. I read a lot of other blogs, and I take neat activities from those. I pick and choose from a variety of curricula that I've read about. We'll mostly focus on Charlotte Mason and Classical. Maybe we'll do some 'unschooling'. I admit that I thought the idea was ridiculous when I first read about it, but so far, it seems to suit my son the best. When he doesn't know he's learning, he's happy and learns a lot! If he thinks he's being taught, he refuses to have anything to do with me! But he is only 3, maybe it will get better??

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