Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Alphabet Book

We are working on an alphabet book. I found this idea on the Totally Tots blog (http://www.totallytots.homestead.com/). For each letter, we make a main page and decorate it. On the back, we paste pictures of things that begin with that letter. Then we laminate it. (I own a laminator, and who knew they were such useful things?? We use ours all the time!) During the week, we do projects involving the letter. We try to bake something beginning with our letter of the week. For A, we chopped up apples and poured cinnamon sugar on them. We shook them in a bag. Crumpet gobbled them up - it was the first time he'd been willing to eat apples in ages! For B, we made banana bread, another huge hit. The site also lists appropriate books to go with the letters, and we try to read them if I can find them at the library. This has been a lot of fun. I'll update the site with pictures of our weekly letter projects.

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