Friday, April 15, 2011

Preschool Week of 4/15

Well, we had a lovely 2 weeks with my mom, and now it's back to 'Normal'. Crumpet loved having Grammy here, and wasn't shy with her at all. It was nice for him to have another person around who believes he is the center of the universe!
We managed to get a bit of school work done this week, in between running tons of errands and getting caught up on day to day life.
Reading: We started the last intermediate book of Progressive Phonics. I'm not sure where we'll go from there.
We are working through the printables from the new "You Can Read" section at 1+1=1. Crumpet is familiar with the sight words in this lesson, but the way she presents them provides an opportunity to work on lots of other skills.
Math: We read the book The Great Graph Contest by Loreen Leedy. This was a fun way to present graphs, and afterward, we created a few of our own graphs.
We also worked on some addition worksheets from Confessions of a Homeschooler here. Crumpet did great on these - I think the concept is beginning to click with him.
Science: We worked on a unit about "wonder". This was designed to get Crumpet thinking about how and why things might happen. We did a little study about thumbs and how useful they are, as well as one about things that bounce.
Art: This month's Click magazine was all about looking at art. We read through that and created some color mosaics with the squares they provided. We have a few other books we are planning to read, and then we will head to the art museum next week to look at some real life art.
Writing: It is time to get Crumpet to start writing. I just want him to lose his total fear of it. He tried drawing a square this week and completely melted down because he couldn't and didn't want to try. I insisted that he do it, and after breaking it down into steps, he drew his first little house. He was so proud. I think it was a bit of a breakthrough because he has been more willing to try some writing skills since then.
Other: We went to a mini-concert by a wind quartet at the library this week. It was perfect for us. It only lasted 45 minutes, and each musician introduced his or her instrument and played animal sounds on it. Then they played as a group. A great introduction to this kind of live music.
Also, Crumpet and I finally went to volunteer at the animal shelter. Unfortunately, I was not impressed by the cleanliness or order there, and really felt that it was one big animal disease petri dish. I used to work in animal hospitals, and this just felt wrong to me. So we need to find a new shelter, because Crumpet LOVED the experience. I'm having trouble finding any other shelters that will take anyone so young, but I'm working on it.
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  1. Anna is so similar to Crumpet in her dislike of everything that involves paper. Luckily, her preK focuses heavily on writing, and I see that she is making a bit of a progress. It sounds like you found an approach that might work with him. I hope you will find a better animal shelter - it sounds like Crumpet is a true animal lover.

  2. What a wonderful learning week! I'm stopping by from Preschool Corner.