Thursday, April 21, 2011

Practicing Gratitude Gifts 501-525

501: My best friend's mother has cancer. She is like a second mother to me. It has been killing me to be so far away during her treatment, which is proving to be very cruel. However, we finally got news that the tumor is SHRINKING! :)
502: By homeschooling, I am already learning so many things that I either never learned or forgot I learned in public school...
503: The garden already has sprouts! (Rotten picture taken into the sun, but the zucchini is sprouting, the ancient tomato plant from the fall finally has little green tomatoes, and the sunflowers are gigantic! Stuff grows fast here in the spring!)
504: Everyone I know in the south has checked in and is ok after the tornadoes..
505: A great school plan for the fall.
506: Pitcher plants for fly control.
507: Royal weddings.
508: A second cup of coffee the day after staying up all night for a royal wedding!
509: A belief that everything is meant to be the way it is.
510: Funny one liners from my little man.
511: Beginning to understand what has been wrong.
512: Free activities for military families.
513: A beautiful view during dinner out.
514: Instant replays on the computer.
515: Sweet little surprise gifties.
516: Time to read.
517: After 2 months of no yoga, we had the easy teacher as substitute the night I went back! If it had been the regular teacher, I wouldn't be able to walk right now... I'm sore enough as it is.
518: Crumpet's teacher for the fall is lovely.
519: Car alarms don't honk forever...
520: Adorable birth announcements
521: A husband with a great attitude about a challenge we are facing.
522: You can choose to be happy.
523: Flax seed
524: Memories
525: Dustbusters


  1. Great list. I hope you overcome all the challenges. For some reason though this post is a week behind (on April 21st)

  2. I am with you on Dustbusters. :) Love these posts of yours... and I'm so sorry about your friend's mother - that is just so hard... great news that the tumor is shrinking though!

    I have to start doing these too - I find myself thinking of little things to be thankful for during the day after I read these posts from you. It really is an attitude changer, which I am in desperate need of lately.

    511 and 521 have me puzzled, but if it's something you are thankful for, then I am thankful too (for you).

    Your garden is amazing. Seriously, amazing!