Sunday, April 10, 2011

Practicing Gratitude: Gifts 451-475

Wow, we've had a wonderful few weeks. I am so very lucky.

451: Two great weeks with my mom
452: Crumpet adored his Grammy.
453: Crumpet was willing to let me leave him with Grammy so I could run errands all by myself!!
454: For the same reason, Crumpet Sr. and I got to go on 2 lovely dates!
455: We discovered a couple of great restaurants.
456: The forecasted rain did not make an appearance until my mom's last night here.
457: 2 nights in a great cabin on the beach. This was my big surprise for my mom. The view from our patio:
458: Crumpet learns everywhere, even at events that we felt turned out to be a waste of time.
459: Our garden is ready to plant.
460: No cavities.
461: No government shutdown. We get paid!
462:New caulking for the bathtub.
463: We found a great new pool to hang out at.
464: Crumpet is beginnning to be ok with getting his face wet in the pool.
465: Tie dye hats.
466: Silly neighbor cats.
467: Rainbow cupcakes.
468: An awesome surprise for Crumpet's birthday - we're going to get in the water with dolphins and rays at Sea Life park! I can't wait!
469: A cute new purse.
470: Sweet neighbor kids.
471: Funky new vegetable finds... Okinawan sweet potatoes. Purple and awesome!
472: Financial stability.
473: The kids went on a snail hunt tonight and couldn't find any - that could be a good sign for my garden... Maybe something will grow??
474: Lots of fun plans for the next few weeks.
475: A really long, nice phone call with an old friend.

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  1. How nice to have some time to yourself. I hope your garden will grow. We can send some of our snails to Crumpet!