Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Practicing Gratitude Gifts 476-500

Crazy stressful week... But it's all as it is supposed to be:

476: Honolulu Theatre for Youth
477: Our little dog friend is visiting again for 3 weeks.
478: Wet cold dog noses.
479: Tiny dog growls when we play tug - so goofy.
480: Patience.
481: Hand soap
482: Short lived fevers
483: New wall decor created by us
484: Multiple stressful projects are progressing. I thought they were done, but stuff keeps coming back to haunt me. But we are making progress...
485: My naivete didn't land me in jail this week. Don't ask...
486: Wild chickens
487: A possible homeschooling group to join
488: A really enjoyable chat with a stranger at a meeting.
489: Educational events at the library
490: The most comfy flip flops EVER
491: It's curriculum shopping time! Love it!
492: An interesting school opportunity.
493: A good friend who poured me a glass of wine and just listened.
494: Temporary peace for a friend in the middle of a struggle.
495: Silly greeting cards
496: The garden is planted.
497: Airplanes
498: Unifix cubes
499: An extra long, solo walk
500: I'm half way to my 1000 gifts!

Have a lovely week!

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  1. So I won't ask, but still curious about jail episode :)