Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Preschool Week of 3/25

Crumpet asked to do school work this week, so I guess we've found our happy place for learning - for now.
Reading: I know I say this every few weeks, but: Wow, his progress blew me away this week. He's reading quickly and fluently now, stopping to sound out only a few words. Natalie from Mouse Grows, Mouse Learns told me that Anna's reading took off after book 13 of Progressive Phonics, and that's what seems to be happening here. I love watching this, and am so glad I got to be the one to teach him!!
Math: We played the card game War, but with an addition twist. I collected all of the cards numbered five or lower from a deck of cards and gave each of us half of them. We each took turns turning over 2 cards at a time and added our numbers together. Whoever had the highest sum kept the cards. He did very well with this.
Science: We finally did the simple machine experiment in Click magazine. Crumpet provided the effort by using his hand to lift the ruler and raise the can. We experimented with moving the marker, can, and Crumpet's hand, to different positions to see whether the job got harder or easier.
We also cut out some whirly bird toys from the magazine. We cut the wings to different lengths and dropped them from a height to see which ones fell faster. Unfortunately, they all dropped at the same speed - maybe we needed to be even higher?
I created a game to keep Crumpet busy this week while I cleaned for my mother's impending visit. I took a deck of cards and hid them all over the house in funny places. Then Crumpet had to go find them. This kept him busy for a while! However, you must know that it is very important to keep track of where you placed the cards. We are still finding them...

Isn't he adorable?
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  1. He IS adorable :) It's awesome that his reading is taking off so well. I like the idea of scavenger hunt and War modification, what a great way to make him count in his head.

  2. I did that once to my brother as revenge. I hid all of his Weird Al tapes. We were still finding them when we moved several years later......

  3. I like your spin on the 'war' card game. And yes, note to self, remember where you hide the cards. At least it wasnt Easter eggs.

  4. Okay I totally love the hiding cards so you can get some cleaning done idea! Pattern Cards for Pattern Blocks Se