Friday, March 11, 2011

Preschool - Every Time I Open My Mouth, Everything Changes!

Well, ha ha ha. I just wrote about the fact that I've started relying on my boxed curriculum almost completely. We are back from vacation though, and Crumpet is still totally against school books. Soooooooooooo......
I scanned the rest of the books, and I think we are pretty much on track to finish kindergarten by the end of summer, which was my plan (I'll write about the reason we are completing year K so early when I get some information about next year's plan...ooh, the suspense!). We are doing great with reading, and we really just have to work on addition and subtraction for math. Science is fun, so we'll carry on with experiments. So, for now, we'll close the school books. Here's what we did instead:
Phonics/Reading: Crumpet asked to continue the Progressive Phonics reading so we are still doing that each night at bedtime. During our school time, we are reading Early Readers from the library. He is doing very well with the simplest of these.
Math: We will play games involving addition and subtraction, and later in the spring, I'll try to add the symbols. It is the written equation which makes Crumpet panic. He can do the math in his head if he's not thinking too hard about it! He is constantly saying " Mom, how much is x+y?" and if they are single digits, I make him figure it out himself. For bigger numbers, I answer him and it annoys him that I usually have an answer. He's desperate to trick me!
Today, we used the book How Many Mice by Michael Garland to work on math word problems. The mice go out to gather food one day. They gain and lose different quantities of fruits and vegetables during their adventures. We used different colored unifix cubes to represent the foods, and worked on addition and subtraction. This went pretty well.
Science: My mom bought a subscription to Click magazine for Crumpet, and we've just started receiving it. It's a science magazine for young children. This month's topic was simple machines. I thought it might be a bit above Crumpet's head, but he really enjoyed it. Over the next week, we'll do some experiments demonstrating the work of the simple machines. I'll blog about it next week.
Other: We had a great vacation in Maui. I'll write about that on my travel blog soon. Slowly getting caught up... Slowly slowly...
Also this week: Crumpet has been to the dentist for check ups before, but this week, he had his very first xrays and cleaning. He was wonderful. We don't have cable, so when the hygienist turned on the Disney Channel, Crumpet opened his mouth wide and zoned out. I'm not sure he even noticed they were cleaning his teeth!
This series of pictures pretty much shows what life with Crumpet is like. No matter where we are or what we are doing, he is completely involved in his own little pretend world and is busy acting out a play from his imagination... These days, it's either Star Wars or Magic Tree House.

Have a great week! For more preschool posts, visit Homeschool Creations!


  1. Saying a prayer for you this morning. I hope you and your family are safe.

  2. I think it's a great idea to take a break from books. It sounds that Crumpet is doing great with important things like reading, and he will probably catch up with writing when ready. Enjoy your spring!

  3. So glad to hear he likes Click! I just ordered a sub to it for my little guy, but he's younger than your Crumpet. I'm hoping he'll still enjoy it.
    Hoping y'all stay safe from the tsunami! Oh, and you have a wee goodie box on the way. :-)