Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Practicing Gratitude Gifts 426-450

So it feels like forever since I started this week's list. I'm not terribly consistent. The top of the list I've been scribbling on was of course, this:

426: We did not experience a tsunami!
427: We were remarkably prepared for the evacuation.
428: My husband and I are a phenomenal team in an emergency. Not always at other times, but in emergencies, we rock!
429: Our cats have learned much in 12 years of moves and chaos, and didn't even bat an eyelash when we dragged them 'camping in the car' overnight.
430: Crumpet, too, handled the experience without a blink.

Onto other good things in my life.
431: I finally finished the Maui blog posts. I don't write that many posts usually, so 3 in a week was overwhelming.
432: Having visiting dogs here means I get more exercise.
433: Having visiting dogs means Crumpet gets more exercise.
434: The dog beach. So fun.
435: A stack of new library books.
436: A new job for my brother.
437: A chance to help a very lonely elderly lady who was in dire straits.
438: Being told by the elderly lady that she loves me.
439: Crumpet is learning so much from Meals on Wheels.
440: A new book that is making a huge difference in my relationship with Crumpet.
441: My mom will be here in 2 days!
442: I have a plan for Crumpet's birthday cake.
443: We've decided NOT to have a big party this year for his birthday.
444: Dogs in the bed.
445: Tax refunds.

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  1. I am glad that you stayed safe. Happy upcoming birthday to Crumpet. What book are you reading?