Thursday, March 10, 2011

Practicing Gratitude Gifts 401-425

Many things to be grateful for this week. First and foremost:

401: The amazing opportunity to take a vacation on Maui!
402: No need to cook for a week.
403: My new snorkel mask didn't leak and I got to see amazing underwater critters.
404: Happy hour mai tais.
405: Swimming in our clothes.
406: Waterfalls
407: New adventures.
408: Magic shows.
409: Whales, whales and more whales.
410: We survived the flight home in a tiny 9 seater plane in the pouring rain. I really wasn't sure we would...

Non-vacation blessings:
411: Scrap paper.
412: A dentist who let me in the exam room with Crumpet. Pediatric dentists in Hawaii are completely against this for some reason...
413: No cavities for my little man.
414: Silly sights like roosters being shipped at the post office.
415: Flexibility in schooling.
416:Being there for a friend on a bad day.
417: Fun new recipes.
418: Finding shoes that Crumpet will wear.
419: Living on an island where we CAN'T drive very far when gas prices are so high...
420: The plastic bag ban on Maui - I think it's great and I hope it spreads to our island!
421: A lovely Pay It Forward package in the mail!
422: Baby toes.
423: Crumpet is experimenting with new foods.
424: Being able to help a Meals on Wheels senior in desperate need.
425: Puzzle Buzz magazine - great for meals out and airplane rides!!


  1. I am glad you received our package :) How awesome that you could snorkel at this time of the year. I would so love to see Hawaii one of these days!

  2. Sounds like an amazing vacay! :-)

    I am really surprised to hear so many people saying that their Ped dentists don't want them in the exam room with their kids. When I lived in WA - and now here on Oki - they actually encourage it (and in one office required it) for me to be in there. But I've seen a good dozen ladies say the past few weeks that their dentists - and even doctors!- aren't allowing them in with their kids, even toddlers! So glad it went well for you!