Tuesday, December 28, 2010

The Slow Return to Normal

Phew, Christmas was a blast! Crumpet was so much fun this year, and he really got into it. And he got totally spoiled. He would have gotten too much anyway, but he got extra because of the craziness that is the Navy. Three days after Crumpet Sr. came home, his boss called and told him to pack his bags because he was redeploying the next day. Sigh. We were crushed, and felt terrible for telling Crumpet that Dad would be home for Christmas. So, Dad went out and bought a super special toy to ease the pain. And then, his boss called and canceled the trip. So Crumpet got Daddy AND the 2 foot tall Star Wars AT AT on Christmas. Not a bad day at all!
I decided to ease slowly back into school by spending a day doing fun science experiments that I've been saving from other blogs. Sadly, most of them didn't work. You can learn things from failed experiments, too though... We tried to make confetti dance by rubbing a balloon on our heads and then waving it over the confetti. No luck.
Then we tried to stick the balloon to the wall with static electricity from our hair. No luck. I looked it up, and it turns out that you can't create static electricity like this in Hawaii. It's too humid. Especially right now, when we've had non-stop rain and flood warnings for weeks. So it was an interesting study, but not a lot of fun..
We did one quick unit in math and we created our own thank you cards for friends that sent Christmas presents. I had Crumpet read Dr. Seuss' Hop On Pop to me. He can read almost the whole book, and it was good for him to discover that he can read real books, not just school phonics books! It was funny to watch - at first he was struggling with simple words, because he was sure he couldn't do it. When he realized he knew all the words, he whizzed through the book.

We finally went to the Pacific Aviation Museum which is right here on Ford Island, across the street from our house. Crumpet has been asking to go for ages. To be honest, it's pretty small, and not too thrilling, but we were glad to finally check it off our list... This is the tower seen in the movie Pearl Harbor.
Here is Crumpet in the gift shop, which was probably the most interesting part to him!
I always worry about getting back into school work after a break. Sometimes it's a struggle, but this time it has gone pretty smoothly. We'll do a full week's worth of work next week and see how we do..
I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas. Happy New Year!
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  1. His disappointment is adorable (and I think that might read wrong/poorly, but it's intended with a good heart, meaning he has the sweetest disappointment expression). I hope that doesn't come across strange or odd.

    I LOVE that he gained confidence in Hop on Pop! I find that Kaelyn *thinks* that she can't do a lot of things and doesn't try. It's hard because I know she can!

  2. Merry Christmas (belatedly) and Happy New Year! Love the pic of Crumpet with the goggles on. :) I'm so, so happy that you all got to be together as a family for Christmas - what a wonderful gift!

  3. How wonderful that your husband didn't have to redeploy. I am impressed that you already had so much schooling done. Too bad that some of the experiments didn't work out.