Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Practicing Gratitude - Gifts 201-225

This week, my parents had to euthanize Bosco, the dog we left with them in May.
I am grateful:
201: To have known him for so many years.
202: That he gave my parents 7 months of pure joy. They adored him.
203: That he got to spend the last months of his life in a home where he was the center of attention, and the center of the universe to those who cared for him.
204: That he suffered only briefly.
205: That we humans have the power to release animals from suffering when the time comes.
Bosco was a wonderful dog, and he is missed by many.
On a happier note, I am also grateful that:
206: My husband has a return date and it is next week!
207: I spent a very special day at the beach with Crumpet today.
208: My Christmas cards are sent.
209: I survived one trip to the post office and only have to go back 2 more times before the holiday.
210: We have a beautiful live wreath on the door. (We are not decorating until Daddy comes home, but I allowed myself this!)
211: We have new flowers to greet my husband on the front porch.
212: Crumpet and I made Daddy's welcome home sign, and we like the way it turned out.
213: My husband enjoys so many of the same activities that I do.
214: The weather here is incredible right now. Low 80's during the days, and upper 60's at night. It almost feels like fall at night, which I love!!
215: People have their Christmas lights up in our neighborhood and Crumpet and I take the sweetest walks at night to look at them all.
216: I found some good gifts for hubby.
217: I survived many Christmas shopping trips with Crumpet.
218: Our tenants in Georgia have moved out and they left the house immaculate.
219: I finally got to see Harry Potter while a friend watched Crumpet, and I loved it!!

And I am grateful for the little things:
220: Yummy smelling shampoo
221: Bubbles
222: Magic Erasers
223: Waves
224: Sand
225: Jumper cables - oops, the boys were playing in Daddy's car and must have left the lights on... Wouldn't Daddy be happy to come home and discover that???

Have a great week!

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  1. Yay for your husband coming home next week. I am sorry about your dog, but as you said, there are things to be grateful for even when the event is sad. The Welcome sign is awesome.