Sunday, December 19, 2010

Practicing Gratittude: Gifts 226-250

This was a very good week!

226: Crumpet Sr. is home!
227: Crumpet is far more cheerful now that Daddy is here.
228: We finally decorated for Christmas!
229: Hubby's car started after being jump started a second time, and it has consistently started since then...
230: Cheesecake from the Cheesecake Factory.
231: Several nice meals out.
232: The presents are wrapped.
233: I am finished with the post office for the season.
234: I heard from my brother at Christmas for the first time in, well.. for the first time ever!
235: We will be hosting Christmas dinner for the same people that came for Thanksgiving. I guess they had a good time!
236: Old Christmas ornaments with lots of memories and meaning.
237: Photo Christmas cards of friends' children.
238: Crumpet Sr. brought back an awesome present from Japan for my Dad, the worst man in the world to shop for!
239: Christmas movies.
240: Funny Hawaiian Christmas songs.
241: Traditional Christmas songs.
242: Daddy and Crumpet had some good bonding time at Chuck E. Cheese.
243: Crumpet has become a good hiker.
244: While hiking, we saw humpback whales from the shore. They spend the winter here, and it is amazing to watch them!
245: Christmas packages make for happy cats.
246: Command hooks.
247: Folded laundry.
248: Toilet paper.
249: The submarines and ships in Pearl Harbor are decorated for the holidays, and they are really fun to see.
250: We have new tenants in Georgia already!! We never thought someone would move in before Christmas. Phew!

Wow, I'm 1/4 of the way to my 1000 gifts! Have a great week!


  1. HI thanks for visiting my blog and I am now following you. I have been to Hawaii twice and Love it there. We hope to get transferred over there one day but everyone wants to live in Hawaii:) We are stationed in England for the next 3 years. Hope you will consider following back:)

  2. Love the photos - I have weakness for cats. It's great that Georgia place is rented already. How nice that Crumpet has this gorgeous opportunity to spend his energy hiking.