Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Practicing Gratitude Gifts 251-275

This week I am grateful :
251: That Crumpet Sr. was actually home for Christmas, after nearly being shipped out at the last minute.
252: We had a wonderful Christmas day, and we were all spoiled rotten.
253: We had good friends over for Christmas dinner.
254: For silly games.
255: The rain may have stopped for a few days.
256: The water covered our porch, but never came in the house. (Much of Oahu flooded over the last few weeks.)
257: Crumpet Sr. let me have 2 wonderful days to myself.
258: One of those days was a peaceful day with a book on the beach.
259: One of those days was my Christmas present - a morning at the spa. Ahhh...
260: I went back to yoga class this week.
261: I am motivated to get back to healthy living. I have been terrible lately...
262: We have fun plans for New Year's. This will be the first time in years that we will actually be awake at midnight... Sad, I know!
263: We got to see the wonderful lights display in Honolulu.
264: We took the trolley into town to see the lights, and Crumpet loved it!

265: The dirty laundry basket is empty!
266: A haircut, at last!

Ok, I started this post before the New Year, and am finally able to finish it after the New Year. So, I am grateful:
267: That I was here for the last year that personal fireworks were legal in Hawaii. It was something to see: Hawaiians LOVE their fireworks and the whole island was covered in smoke by 1am. Seriously, we were in the parking lot of a football stadium, and couldn't see the stadium.
268: I'm glad it has rained so much lately, because it was too damp for the island to go up in flames...
269: I'm also glad this was the last year of legal fireworks - that much smoke just can't be good for the planet.
270: I'm grateful that we are back to a normal school and life schedule.
271: Our first full school day went incredibly well.
272: The spring season of children's plays is about to begin here.
273: We can go to the pool and play in the water in January.
275: Crumpet has been a whole different (happy) child since Dad came home.


  1. Happy new year! Exercise is featured prominently in my own plans for New Year as well - let's hope that it actually happens. I am jealous of people with snow and also jealous of people who can go to a swimming pool. We had a lot of rain lately.

  2. Just wanted to swing by and wish you a happy new year. Love that Crumpets Sr and Jr are having such a good time together - and you got free time. YAY! :-)

  3. Well, he certainly looks like a very happy boy in that last picture! I want to have a gratitude journal too... but right now it just feels like one more thing to do. {Sigh}
    I love your list!