Monday, February 1, 2010

The Art Box - Valentine's crafts

Well, at last, Crumpet is in the mood to do some crafts! It seems he's inspired by Valentine's Day! He's sick as can be today, but periodically, he perks up and wants to create. Here's what we've done so far:
We made these cute thumbprint heart magnets for the fridge. I found the idea on the Crafty Crow and the idea came from here. I LOVE seeing Crumpet's artwork on the fridge! It makes me smile every time.
This is not so Valentinesy, despite the heart background. Apparently, it's Darth Mal from Star Wars. My husband let him watch it - yikes - and Crumpet is hooked. Obsessed. Can't stop talking about it. So, the blue circle is Darth Mal's head, his face is black and red with some added sparkles, and the gold at the bottom is legs...
I bought some Scratch Art pages, and Crumpet loved this. He used most of the pack. I loved seeing him practice with the stencils - great practice using a pencil. The bottom left picture is a volcano. The others have no story.
We used LOTS of glitter glue.
We made these cute heart people. Again, the idea came from the Crafty Crow, and the link is here. This is the first creation that Crumpet has ever been willing to part with, so we are sending one to my mom for Valentine's Day. She's going to be thrilled to finally get a gift from him! I bought a box of fridge magnets so we stuck some to the back of these. Everything is a magnet these days!

Lots of crafts after a long drought. I hope it continues! Have a great week!


  1. Oh, I LOVE the little heart people - what a great gift!! I like the thumbprint magnet idea too, and how funny about Darth Mal, lol. Thanks for linking up - I'm glad Crumpet is into crafts again and I hope he feels better soon!

  2. This is awesome - Darth Mal really cracked me up. It's wonderful that Crumpet has such a rich imagination.

  3. I totally see Darth Maul, and I know what you mean about showing stuff before you quite intended. My kids are thoroughly addicted to Star Wars, but we haven't seen the newer movies yet.

  4. I think boys are just wired to love those kinds of things (Darth Mal). Diego spends half of the day talking about and pretending to be the Avatar (from the cartoon) and he has only seen it a couple of times. I love the heart person too!