Sunday, February 14, 2010

The Art Box 2/14

This week, we made Valentine's Day cards for our neighbors. We made this flock of flamingoes together. Crumpet decorated the heads and helped with the gluing. Aren't they cute??
While I was cutting and prepping, he made his own flamingo, completely by himself. Isn't this awesome? I couldn't believe it when he was done. I kept this one for myself!
He also made this heart person - the blue pipecleaners are legs. He insisted that they be the exact length of one of his marker caps and showed me how to measure by lining them up against the marker cap.
And Crumpet drew this picture. He drew a couple of things this week and told me that many of the little squiggles represented specific letters. Maybe it's time to start writing soon?
Have a great week!


  1. M has been "writing" letters lately too; it's so much fun when they start a new phase, isn't it? I LOVE his flamingo - I can not believe he did that by himself, it's awesome! Good for you for keeping that one for yourself. I like the flamingos you helped with too. :) How neat that he was measuring the pipecleaners before cutting - wow!! What a smart little guy you have! Thank you for linking up. :)

  2. It sounds like a great week - that self-made flamingo is really cute, and I love how he measured the legs of his heart person. And good luck with your weight loss - I hope the challenge will keep you motivated.

  3. Oh my your flamingos are adorable! Crumpets is the best one :) I hope I can remember these next year!