Monday, February 8, 2010

The Art Box 2/8/09

There wasn't a lot of interest in creating this week. Crumpet did enjoy the new mini paint rollers I bought though. He used them as lawn mowers and cut the grass for a while! He was upset when we ran out of green paint, and not thrilled about the shade of green I created by mixing blue and yellow, but he decided he could work with it. The Navy won't move liquids, so these days, if we run out of something, that's it, no more 'til we settle in our new place. Imagine how much fun our first trip to the craft store in Hawaii is going to be!!
You can't see it very well, but in this picture, he attached a paint brush to the end of the roller to see what kind of new designs he could create as he rolled it along. I thought that was pretty creative!
The newly cut "grass":


  1. This is so great! M also loves to do things like mow the "grass" or drive through "mud" when he's painting. Such boys! :) I like the final painting - it's pretty cool with the various textures! Too bad no more green paint, what a bummer. Let's hope Hawaii has some awesome craft shops!!

  2. It;s funny what the minds of our little ones can come up with. I hope Crumpet will take another change well and enjoys Hawaii soon.

  3. It looks like he really had fun! Very creative.