Sunday, January 10, 2010

Things I Love

It's been a while since I've updated my list of great educational stuff out their in the world of the internet. I've found a few good ideas lately - you may already know all of them, as I tend to be a bit late to catch on, but here they are:

The Free Homeschool Printables website. These are just what the title says. Great homeschool printables, for free.

Nature Detectives. This is a UK based website with incredible ideas for nature projects. Many are just a tiny bit too advanced for Crumpet, but not for long. I can't wait to put these ideas to work in our weekly schedule!

Me and Marie: This is an etsy store full of great printables. There are learning packs, pretend play props, and file folder games, etc. This is great for ideas, and if you have no time, or no creativity whatsoever (like me), the work is all done for you. I'm thinking I'll buy a bunch of these to take with us on our travels this summer, to help review and keep Crumpet in the habit of schooling. They're pretty cheap - most are only a few dollars.

This is not internet related, but I've discovered books of book lists. These are books full of recommendations for reading based on a child's age. The stories are classics I remember from when I was a child, as well as classics I somehow missed. I've been really impressed - when we randomly choose books off the shelves, most are poor quality and we only read them once. When we choose from these lists, most truly are wonderful stories, and both Crumpet and I adore them and read them over and over. I don't know why this never to occurred to me. We're working our way through 2 of them right now, but there are tons of others on the library shelves. The first one we chose is Honey for a Child's Heart by Gladys Hunt. The second is What Stories Does My Son Need? by Michael Gurian. This is a list of 100 movies and 100 books divided into appropriate age groups. They are stories that are supposed to be particularly engaging to boys, and good for character building.

Hopefully, something here will be new and exciting to someone! Enjoy!


  1. Ooh - I need that book about character building stories for boys! Isn't Michael Gurian the author of... that book I read that you bought that I've totally forgotten the name of?? :) Thanks for your lists of all these good things!

  2. I've heard so many awesome things about the Michael Gurian book, I really should break down and get it, because I'm sure it would give me so many great ideas.

  3. I just discovered Nature Detectives myself - I am loving it!
    Thanks for passing on these resources.

  4. hmm i need to have a look at that authors books.. seems interesting