Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Preschool Week of 1/6

This was a, um, "challenging" week... We started off great. We went to a cabin in the mountains for the New Year. Crumpet had a phenomenal time playing with tons of cousins. We accomplished lots of school work. There are no real pictures, except this one:
One of our carrot tops from last week's plant experiments grew! Pretty amazing...

Most of what we did was review. We completed quite a few Slow and Steady, Get Me Ready projects. We checked out 23 books from the library, read and re-enacted several of them. Crumpet memorizes stories word for word, chooses a character, and then we act out the book. He has always done this, and it's pretty neat to watch. We played a lot of games involving letter sounds, and the concept has really clicked with him. Crumpet officially started karate in the big classroom with all of the 3 and 4 year olds. I cannot tell you how badly this started, but by the end of class, the instructors managed to get him out on the floor, and he enjoyed at least some of it.

The 3 things that have made me consider heading off to live in a cave this week are:
1) Crumpet keeps waking up at 3 or 4 am. I am not a pleasant person when I get up at this hour, and by the end of the day, either is Crumpet.

2) He has conjunctivitis, and he screams and gets hysterical about getting drops in his eyes. 3 joyous times a day... It's a good thing I have experience working with animals because I know some good restraint techniques, and I know how to avoid getting bitten by wild things...

3) We are finally potty training. For the second time. Crumpet was potty trained last year at this time. And then he decided he didn't like it, and refused to use the toilet anymore. He screams and gets hysterical (lots of that around here right now...) when he gets near a toilet. This week, I announced that he would no longer wear diapers. For 2 days, he did great. Then, he fell apart again, and it has been a battle to continue. I know that a battle of the wills is a bad way to accomplish this, but clearly he is capable of being potty trained, and it is just stubborness on his part. I can be stubborn too, though, and I refuse to spend 3 months traveling and changing a 4 year old's dirty diapers in a tiny airplane bathroom. So he will be potty trained by April. Or he will break me. I really don't know which way this will end up... Sigh.
Poor Crumpet - boogery eyes and attacked by a coffee table... Bad week.
But still we had some fun...


  1. This could have been helpful had you provided some advise about how to handle the wild things. lol

    We are potty training as of today also. I hear ya on the entire post. I hear ya. This to shall pass...but when!!!

  2. "It's a good thing I have experience working with animals because I know some good restraint techniques, and I know how to avoid getting bitten by wild things..."

    Wow, you just might be related to me??

    Potty training was so much harder with my boys. I was done, done, DONE, when Quince was 3. We were like bulls in a china cabinet, but I finally won. It was harder on me that on him.


  3. Poor Crumpet. Conjunctivitis is such a painful thing to have. I am sorry that potty training is such an ordeal - have you tried any kind of reward system? Poop prizes did the trick here when we were potty training, and Anna still gets 2 M&Ms for pooping. And do you mean that Crumpet gets up for a day at 3 am??? Inconceivable - I think our child would have been shipped off to Siberia if she tried that. LOL.

  4. Oh no, conjunctivitis is horrible.
    From my experience with my boys, they're horrid to train. The book that helped me most is "Potty Training 1, 2, 3," but mine never were afraid of the potty. THat I don't know how to help with.

  5. Poor you. Poor Crumpet. I do love your carrot tops though! :) Matthew potty trained himself at about 1 1/2 years old (not that we went straight to underwear, but the journey did begin then... and this is NOT AT ALL what you want to hear or helpful so I'll be quiet now. Except to say that was THE ONLY thing that has been easy with this kid). And the early wakings? Oh you poor thing... we've been getting up too early here too, but not at that ungodly hour, heavens no. Is he napping? Ugh, I really feel for you and hope it gets better. Maybe it's just been his eye troubles or all the holiday excitement got his system out of whack. I hope things start looking up for you!!!

  6. I have something for you at my blog!