Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Preschool week of 1/14

I'm sorry about what a mess this post is. I placed the pictures in a different place this time, and it has thrown the text off completely. But I'm too lazy to fix it...

After the trials at the beginning of the week, things went fairly well here. We managed to get a lot of school done, without Crumpet really knowing :).

Phonics:We worked a bit more with Progressive Phonics, but Crumpet has figured out that he only needs to know a few words for each story. When I pause for him to read his word, he just cycles through the options without even looking at the page, until he guesses the right one. We also worked on the sounds of letters some more, and he's doing great with this. Periodically throughout the day, he'll be talking and stop at a word. He'll shout "Hey, that starts with __!" He points out objects everywhere and tells me what letter they start with. We started working on sounding out some 3 letter words with fridge magnets.

We played a game where I set out a bunch of toys and told him to give me the ones that start with a specific letter. He did well with this.

Literature: We used Katy No Pocket for our Before Five in a Row unit. This is one of my favorite stories of all time, and Crumpet loves it too. It's about a kangaroo who has no pocket, so she can't carry her joey. She's goes around asking other animals how they carry their babies, and in the end, she gets a tool apron from a workman so she can carry lots of babies. We did some memory work, trying to remember all of the animals Katy meets, and also all of the tools from the tool belt.I printed pictures of many of the animals in the book, and we played a classification game, sorting the animals into groups with fur, feathers, scales, and also bugs.

I made an apron like Katy's for Crumpet to carry his animals around in. He loves this!

Science: Lots of other blogging mamas are doing units on the human body, so I decided to jump on board while the links and book recommendations were easy to find. We read a LOT of books on the subject. Our favorites were:
My Amazing Body by Rachel Wright. This has good simple explanations of the parts of the body, as well as discussion about treating your body well, and it covers the senses.
The Human Body by Scholastic. This has great plastic overlays, so you can look into the body, system by system, and slowly put the body together to form a whole. Crumpet liked this one best, as long as we flipped right past the skull page, because this looked scary.
The Usborne Flip-Flap Body Book: We own this one and Crumpet has always loved it. I thought he's be more interested in the study of the body because of it, but he really wasn't that interested. Oh well. We did do some fun little experiments:

We blew up a balloon to demonstrate the inflation and deflation of lungs. I love that he was dressed as a pirate for this, and we chased the balloon around afterward for exercise. Homeschooling rocks!

We squeezed a ball through a pair of nylons to show how intestines squeeze food through. I saw this idea here.

We read a little book about cleanliness and then we did this experiment to show how to remove germs from our hands.

I put glitter glue on Crumpet's hands and he rubbed it all over. Then we tried to wipe it off with a paper towel. That doesn't work. We tried rinsing with water, but most of the "germs" stayed put. So we used soap and water, and it washed all the germs off! Crumpet loved this and did it 3 times.
I saw this idea here.

Other: We did a few Slow and Steady, Get Me Ready projects. I hid objects in our Find and Seek bag and had him retrieve specific ones without looking but only feeling. He thought this was great fun, and then he got silly and started handing me the wrong things on purpose. We got 2 new games from the consignment store: Blues Clues, which is really cute and clever, and Chutes and Ladders which I always loved, but Crumpet can't stand it...

Socialization: We went to karate, which is getting better. Also, I've started watching a little boy once a week. I used to babysit for him, but it's been about a year since I stopped. I have missed him, and the money will be nice to help feed my curriculum habit! And practicing sharing his toys is good for Crumpet. Here they are, cooperating on putting together a puzzle.

And in other news, potty training is going great!! Every morning, there is a huge battle about underwear, but once that's over with, he uses the potty all day! We're spending a fortune on Matchbox cars, since that's his pooping reward, but it's worth it. Bribes never worked before, but for now, he's excited about new cars. Here's hoping this lasts. With Crumpet, you never know...


  1. It sounds like a very productive week! I am glad that potty training is doing so well, and I like your food digestion experiment - too funny. My favorite pic is the one where Crumpet is dressed as a pirate :)

  2. What a fun week! It looks like you had a great time - I plan on doing the glitter germ washing activity - thanks for sharing!

  3. So many good ideas. Looked like lots of FUN! What a great way to learn :D

  4. I'm glad to know I'm not the only one with a curriculum habit to feed.
    I hadn't seen the digestive track experiment, that is super cool. I'll have to go check out the link.
    And my kids are still doing the same thing as Crumpet with Progressive Phonics when they're feeling silly.

  5. Here's an idea, on the Progressive Phonics, Selena started to do the same thing as your son, I just took the flash cards and made a phonics wall, Selena has to show me now that she knows each word then she earns the flash card to put on her wall. She no longer tries to guess the right word in the book.

    Great week though and a lot of great ideas!

  6. I started progessive phonics today with Kaelyn, and she started doing the SAME THING! She knew what words were being looked for so she'd run through the list! I love the idea of a phonics wall that Debbie suggested, but I'm also going to make flashcards kept on a ring (just hole punch the top) to be used when we are in a store/drs office/etc. I might have to come up with a cool rewards system to make it more fun.

  7. Yippee for the potty training! Bribery has its place. :) We love Katy No Pocket too, and I love what you did with it. I'd forgotten about that book, so thank you for reminding me of it. We'll have to check it out again soon! I love the picture of Crumpet pushing the ball through the nylons, hee hee. He is really a cute kid! :) Matthew would love that activity, especially if he associated it with poop, which he would because he is just that kind of boy. :) You had a great week!