Friday, August 21, 2009

Tot School August 22

Tot School

Hi! We had a good week in Tot School this week. First we worked on the letter L. We worked on a couple of L projects. A Lion:
And a Ladybug.
We started working with pennies and nickles, as described in Slow and Steady, Get Me Ready. I don't think Crumpet really understood, but he was also surrounded by more interesting toys, so his attention span was pretty short!
We went to a preschool nature class at a nearby Nature Center. One of Crumpet's biggest problems is socializing with other children. He is very shy, and instead of hiding, he usually gets mean in groups. It is my goal this year to get him accustomed to spending time with groups of kids without freaking out. He actually did really well at this class. He had some friends there which helped. He didn't participate in most of the activities but also didn't run out screaming! Progress! He did enjoy the craft at the class, which involved coloring a cloth dragonfly.
And he used his "spyglass" to look for dragonflies:
At home, he helped me get my chores done. Here's Crumpet shucking corn. We do this a lot in the summer, so Crumpet is getting pretty good at it!
He learned to sort silverware.
Crumpet has become very interested in taking pictures with my old digital camera. Most of the pictures are of his thumb covering the lens, but he's slowly improving. He's learning to avoid his thumb and take a picture of an actual subject, not just the wall!
I introduced number rods this week, from Mommy Teach Me. Crumpet decided to use them to make letters - he made H and X.
He didn't really enjoy using them to count, and didn't want to sort them by size. Check out the scrunchy face and thumb in the mouth! It was difficult and made him uncomfortable.
He did some tracing of shapes that I drew. He did really well with this.
Crumpet spent a lot of time building with his magnet cars this week. I walked into his room one day and was surprised to see that he was building a truck according to the picture instructions that came with the set. I didn't know he could do that! Of course, once he saw me, he couldn't do it any more and needed help!

We'll be away next week so there probably won't be much tot schooling going on. Have a good week!


  1. You had a lot accomplished. It's nice that Crumpet did well on the field trip. My daughter also has some socialization problems - mostly she does what is needed, but doesn't want to interact with peers. I hope that she will make some friends in her new preschool, but I am a bit worried about it. Good luck on your trip - we actually do manage to get some stuff done on the road.

  2. The lion and ladybug are SO cute. Love those!