Saturday, August 15, 2009

Tot School August 15

Tot School

I was totally unmovitated this week so most of "Tot School" was life school, or something Crumpet decided to work on by himself! I'm hoping I'll feel more energized when it gets cooler, if it ever does. Georgia has LONG summers!

We went to a little petting zoo, where we got to feed the goats. Crumpet loved this.

He practiced screwing nuts and bolts together.
We did work on the letters J and K. There are jellyfish on the J's, which you can't see in the picture at all, and kissses on the K's.
He painted a picture of the Jungle and glued animals onto the painting. This was the first time I've ever gotten him to paint something specific, and I was so excited. I'm not so sure about the fox in the cave in the jungle, or the upside down parrot, but it was Crumpet's jungle after all...

He played in his little indoor sandbox. We love this toy!
We went to the lake and played in the sand and did some swimming. It was 104 degrees that day, so this was a great way to stay cool. We had a lot of fun, and happened to run into friends while we were there, which made it even better.
Crumpet played with his peek-a-zoo toy at last. I thought this was the best toy ever when I bought it, but he has never shown any interest. But this week, he chose it on his own! It has different latches to open and close, and it teaches shapes, colors and numbers.

And we added food coloring to water and mixed colors to see what would happen. Crumpet is always asking me what happens if he mixes certain colors, so I finally got my act together and showed him. He loved it!
A slow week in tot school, but we had fun. Hope you did too!


  1. I love that jungle picture! He did a really good job! My son is 39 months and is just starting to paint/draw real pictures of things but isnt as good as that yet!

  2. It looks like a fun week to me! I love the indoor sandbox; Maddie would LOVE that!

  3. We did a color mixing activity similar to that this week too (great minds... ). :) I love the peek a zoo toy - what a great idea!

  4. I think you had a great week. The jungle picture is very impressive - it is definitely a lot more than abstract squiggles my 34 month old produces. I hope you will cool down soon. I am visiting my parents in hot and humid NJ and can't imagine living even further south :)

  5. I love the jungle picture! I'm going to try that here. Thanks for sharing.