Saturday, November 19, 2011

Practicing Gratitude: Gifts 716-750

So far, November has been a lovely month. One with many blessings:
716: Lavender really does repel ants!
717: APEC is over - the traffic was outrageous here, as many world leaders (including Pres. Obama) came here to discuss the world economy.
718: APEC is not held in Hawaii every year!
719: My dad is finally feeling better after a terrible case of pneumonia.
720: I found the perfect Christmas present for my dad.
721: My husband irons his own clothes.
722: I had a wonderful visit with an old friend.
723: Crumpet had a wonderful visit with my friend.
724: The friend built amazing, whole-room forts for my astonished child.
725: I am grateful for my friend's husband, who stayed home in Florida with 4 small children so she could come here to visit me and have some time off!
726: Long chats with a fellow homeschooler.
727: Mango margaritas.
728: A delicious dinner out without kids.
729: Swimming with sea turtles.
730: Being able to help a friend in need.
731: We unexpectedly have our 2 big dog friends visiting for the next 2 weeks.
732: Crumpet is overjoyed at having dogs to play with again.
733: A friend who is willing to help with some of my crazier charity projects.
734: Crumpet Sr.'s job is about to calm down considerably.
735: Crumpet Sr.'s shoulder is drastically improved.
736: Sweet best-friend moments.
737: Daddy and Son nights out, so I can have a little quiet time.
738: White, billowy clouds.
739: Learning not to judge others.
740: Honesty.
741: Chocolate covered macademia nuts.
742: It's that time of year again!
743: All-in-one printers.
744: The hot dog dance.
745: An ice maker that makes ice.
746: I don't think I'll have to grocery shop til after Thanksgiving.
747: A chance to make all of my favorite dishes and share them with a friend.
748: Constantly being surprised by Hawaii.
749: We introduced another friend to geocaching last week, and she's hooked!
750: The dogs will give me an excuse to start walking again - I've been terrible lately...


  1. Love-love these posts. It looks like you are really enjoying this phase in your life. I am happy for you!

  2. Wonderful list - so glad your visit is going so well and that your dad is feeling better. And YAY to all of the items, actually. :-)

    Your list is amazing...I love to read it!
    I don't know many things better than couch tents...and pictures that show great friendships!