Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Practicing Gratitude Gifts 676-

Well, it's November and Thanksgiving and all. I guess I really should be adding to my gratitude list!!

676: Halloween activities
676: Candy
677: Face Paint
678: Homemade ice cream
679: Huge bags to hold library books
680: Interlibrary loan
681: Coloring pages from the internet
682: I stocked up on crayons during the school sales
683: The calming effect music has on Crumpet
684: Stickers
685: Horseback riding lessons for Crumpet

686: Mended fences with old friends.
687: New friends
688: Quitting Facebook means that I'm interacting more with actual humans!
689: Having a 5 year old in the house on Halloween - so much fun!
690: The radar thingy that parks near our house every once in a while. We call it "The Bubble".

691: Rainbows

692: Hand me downs
693: 2 awesome birthday parties.
694: A chance to try out boxcar racing at one of the parties

695: Take out food
696: An interesting new business opportunity
697: Crumpet had a (very careful) sword battle with a (seated) Meals on Wheels recipient and she laughed so hard she cried. This is a lady who hasn't had anything to laugh about in a long time. It was beautiful to watch.
698: Crumpet's protective instinct toward the above lady.
699: The rainy season has begun here, but it's mostly raining at night.
700: We have a visitor arriving tomorrow.
701: We completed the first level of All About Spelling.
702: We're on track with the rest of our studies.
703: Crumpet and I had the most wonderful day at the zoo...
704: I'm nearly done with Christmas shopping!
705: We found a replacement stuffed bunny for Crumpet after nearly a year of looking for the lost one...
706: The neighbors stopped leaving their new, barking dog out all night.
707: Leis
709: Boursin cheese
710: I found canned pumpkin and stocked up - that is not an easy thing to do here.
711: Crumpet's gratitude list. It's very entertaining!
712: Crumpet's cutting skills are finally improving.
713: Our Georgia tenants plan to stay a little longer...
714: We have enough.
715: The cats are enjoying the cooler weather, and they are very funny to watch...

Well, I'm blank for now. Maybe I can get to 800 by Thanksgiving? I've been doing this list forever, and I still haven't reached 1000! Someday...


  1. Love your list. Perhaps I should start jotting mine, just for my own peace of mind. Great pictures too. It sounds like Crumpet experiences life to its fullest.

  2. I love love love your list!
    He looks so cute riding the horse!
    That picture of the rainbow is amazing!