Monday, November 21, 2011

Fall Crafts

Crumpet has been in a rare mood to craft. Hurray! Of course, having a fun holiday theme to work with makes it easier. Here are a few of his Halloween creations:
We found these turkeys in a free Thanksgiving packet from Curriclick. We plan to share them with some of our favorite Meals on Wheels ladies who have a habit of spoiling Crumpet with candy and cookies...
And I adapted this project from one I saw at Tired, Need Sleep here. I was thinking we'd do all of our Christmas cards like this, but I'm guessing the glitter wouldn't survive the mail... So perhaps this will be what we hand out to people on our Christmas Meals on Wheels route.
(Do take Nicole's hint to do this project outside seriously! I remembered her suggestion - right after Crumpet accidentally dumped an entire jar of glitter on the dining room table.. ah glitter. Glitter in the breakfast, the lunch, the dinner, the hair!! It's a good thing we all like being sparkly!)


  1. Oh glitter :) Love Crumpet's projects - it's great to see that he is getting more crafty!

  2. It turned out very cute. I know what you mean about glitter being messy. Princess got into a tube of glitter, and oh my.......

  3. Your cards are beautiful! Send one to me, I promise we love glitter. ;) Wow, Crumpet is sure turning out the crafts, huh? Those are amazing!!