Friday, June 10, 2011

Summer Fun

So many plans, so little accomplished... But we are very busy having fun! We are involved in 3 different summer reading programs so there is a LOT of reading going on here.
We also made our own clay and painted it like Anna did at Mouse Grows, Mouse Learns. Our neighbor friend joined in, and the boys loved the project. Crumpet made a lot of Star Wars ships (lumps of clay), T made a LOT of "snakes" (lumps of clay), and I made a few vaguely recognizable objects. I wish I had more artistic ability... We are STILL painting snakes a few at a time, and will be until fall, I'm sure.
We made homemade bubbles out of water, dish soap, and corn syrup. Then we used various cookie cutters and kitchen utensils to blow bubbles:
We read our most recent Click magazine, which was all about where things come from. We learned about the origins of foods, clothing, etc. And then we made our own butter from heavy cream! We filled a small baby food jar half full with cream and tossed in a marble. Then we shook it (ok, I shook it, but Crumpet was very supportive) for about 15 minutes. Finally, a glob of soft butter formed. We put the butter in a coffee filter and squeezed out the buttermilk.
And then we ate our fresh butter on toast!
Crumpet has been swimming in the neighbor's pool daily, and spending plenty of time playing with friends and being generally silly:
We hope you are having fun too!


  1. I'm going to have to try making the butter. Very cool!

  2. Your summer is off to a fantastic start!
    I love all your activities!
    3 reading programs.....we need to get a program started!

  3. How awesome that Crumpet is opening up to friends. It sounds like your summer is off to a great start!