Friday, June 3, 2011

Practicing Gratitude: Gifts 576-600

A very good week, indeed:
576: Cheap flights to Hawaii! Tickets for fall are suddenly half price!
577: At least 2, and hopefully 3, good friends will be coming to visit thanks to the cheap flights!
578: One of the visitors who will be coming is the friend whose mother just passed away. I am so grateful that she now has something to look forward to, instead of spending too much time looking back.
579: State Fairs
580: Ferris wheels
581: Deep fried Twinkies!
582: Huge smiles on my little boy while he zips around on amusement park rides
583: Rereading favorite old novels
584: Sesame Street put on a free live show for military kids
585: Smoke detectors
586: Friends with a boat!
587: Four day weekends
588: A strong marriage.
589: A chance to help some newlywed friends having trouble.
590: Cheap summer movies for kids at Regal cinemas
591: Crumpet's new and improved attitude
592: Affordable strawberries
593: A new bed, before our old one completely self-destructed...
594: Summer reading programs
595: A new pregnancy for a dear friend
596: It looks like we may have visiting dogs for most of the summer
597: We finally visited the playground known as "The best playground on Oahu". And it was awesome!
598: A clean floor
599: Fresh zucchini from my garden
600: I finally found a tomato plant and added it to our garden.

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  1. Yay for improved attitude. It looks like you had a great week!