Sunday, June 19, 2011

Life School Results!

Have you ever noticed that homeschoolers (and afterschoolers, I'm sure) talk differently to their children than other people do? We talk to them about everything; we're always explaining and pointing out new things. Everything is an educational experience. I've noticed it a lot when I spend time with other homeschoolers.
I have never specifically taught fractions to Crumpet. We talk about them all the time though when cooking, sharing pieces of things, etc.
Today, I cut a sandwich into four pieces instead of two for a change. He mentioned that the pieces were squares, and I said "Yes, I made four pieces today." Crumpet said, "You mean four quarters, Mom!" And yesterday we were baking, and he knew how to make half a cup using a whole cup measure.
Apparently, all of my chatter has taught him the concept of fractions without any of the stress of looking at pie pieces on a workbook page.
I love homeschooling!
And, because I have no pictures of a quartered sandwich, here's one of Crumpet learning basic car maintenance...


  1. Ha! I'm with you on pictures being necessary for a post, so I totally get why you put in the basic car maintenance picture.

    I agree, I'm always chattering away and explaining stuff.

  2. Okay, I totally agree with the concept but I *love* the photo. I think our little men are on the same wavelength. LOL

  3. It's an interesting point. I am consciously trying NOT to turn everything in a lesson, because sometimes my daughter is clearly not in the mood for that. She craves no-strings-attached play - something that I am notoriously bad at. I am kind of glad that I am not homeschooling, because I wouldn't know when to stop.

  4. I love home school for the same is awesome! Usually my kids don't even realize its a lesson, but then later I will hear them, and realize they totally get it!=)

  5. We talk a lot too but our daughter can out talk anyone. I don't know what she would do if she was in school and had to listen to the teacher all day long! The great benefit of homeschooling is at least the talk is directly connected to real life! It's far more interesting that way!