Friday, January 14, 2011

Preschool Week of 1/14

It seems that I go through phases. Each week, we do our usual 3 subjects: reading, math, and science. Then, depending on my mood, we add in one or two other subjects. This week was the week of P.E. and art.
P.E. We were outdoors a lot over the weekend, which is good, because it has rained all week... Saturday, we spent 5 hours hiking and geocaching. Crumpet didn't complain once, but he did tell us a 5 hour long Star Wars story. The whole time we were walking, he was getting bad guys with his stick/light saber... Sunday, we went kayaking and swimming all day with friends. Tuesday, we did a little more geocaching during our Meals On Wheels deliveries. And Thursday, we played at the indoor bouncy castle place at the mall. It was raining, and he needed to move!
Art: We tried a couple of the techniques that Nicole from Tired, Need Sleep talks about here. We drew on paper towels with markers and sprayed them with water to make the colors bleed. Very pretty. We also discovered that you can lay another paper towel on top and make the design transfer.
We swirled glue on paper, covered it in salt, and then used water colors to color the salt. This was a really neat process, and both of us enjoyed it thoroughly! Crumpet chose to paint the whole page after he was done painting the salt lines.
I experimented with drawing actual pictures with the glue:
Reading: We finished the first half of our McRuffy reading book, and took a unit test. I did let Crumpet take the test this time, and he did great. The only question he missed was about punctuation at the end of a sentence. Next week, we move onto the second workbook in the curriculum.
Science: This week's unit was about exploring sound. We had a lot of fun with this. I'm pretty sure my neighbors didn't enjoy it as much...We practiced banging on objects and learned that things make different sounds depending on their size, hardness and whether or not they are empty.
I also showed him that glasses make different sounds depending on how full they are:
And we learned that stringed instruments make different noises depending on the length and tautness of their strings. Crumpet enjoyed using his ukulele for this lesson, and he put on a great 'rock' show for me. He's convinced he will be a famous ukulele star someday...
Math was math, nothing new...

For more preschool posts, visit Homeschool Creations! Have a great week!


  1. Great week! Your salt pictures look awesome. I am tempted to try them too. The picture of Crumpet the Rock Star is so cute.

  2. I love how the salt art projects turned out! (stopping by from Preschool Corner)

  3. Those are neat art projects. We'll have to try them out sometime. I am glad you guys got some outside time. We had some really cold temperatures here last week and it finally warmed up a bit these past few days. I think we all need that fresh air.

  4. The picture of Crumpet with his ukelele is adorable! I'm so glad you tried and enjoyed the art projects. :)