Monday, January 10, 2011

Practicing Gratitude Gifts 276-300

276: We met Crumpet's doctor this week, and I like him.
277: Our reason for a doctor visit was just a mild skin problem.
278: I get great joy from watching Crumpet's mind work when we are doing school work. It is fascinating!
279: Sherri at Families are Fun has restarted the Fitness Challenge which I enjoyed so much last year!
280: We had a great weekend enjoying outdoor activities (last weekend - I'm a little behind!!).
281: Crumpet Sr. and I have learned to play Mancala, and I can beat him! I never win games!
282: The smell of baking bread.
283: Cast iron pans.
284: A new cookbook.
285: Art projects Crumpet enjoys.
286: We were able to perform a random act of kindness last week that turned out well.
287: My Meals on Wheels seniors are getting to know me and coming out of their shells a bit.
288: Indoor bouncy castles on rainy days.

289: Another chance to offer breastfeeding support to a friend with a doctor trying to scare her out of it. What is with these doctors???
290: 3 day weekends
291: My doctor has decided to take me off my thyroid meds to see if my body has healed itself. Here's hoping...
292: Thrift store books
293: I have a new yoga teacher and I love her as much as my last one.
294: It's not raining... yet... today!
295: This list - it reminds me to think of the good things when I'm not exactly staying positive!
296: Fridge magnets from around the world.
297: Weekend plans.
298: A huge new pack of pens. Seriously - we lose them constantly, and never being able to find one was making me crazy. Now there are jars of pens in every room...
299: Lists. I love lists. If only I could learn to keep them where I could find them...
300: Dinners together.

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  1. I hope you can get off meds successfully. The pictures are great. I am losing pens very often too :)