Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Practicing Gratitude Gifts 301-325

Many more gifts this week!
301: The Friends of the Library held a winter book sale!
302: I have enough books to keep me reading for months. At least until the summer sale, and probably much longer...
303: Crumpet Sr. is finally over his nasty cold.
304: I think Crumpet and I avoided the worst of the nasty cold.
305: Tasty vitamins for vegetarian children who are going through a horrible phase of eating nothing...
306: A sunny weekend.
307: We went on a whale watching cruise.
308: We saw a LOT of whales, many of them quite close to the boat.
309: While walking on the beach, we came across an endangered Hawaiian monk seal. I SO wanted to see one while we were here, but didn't expect it to happen!
310: Lunch at the Cheesecake Factory. Oh, I love that place...
311: I won the random draw in the Pay It Forward game, here.
312: A nice day out shopping with a new friend.
313: Curtains in the guest room.
314: A beautiful beach we just discovered.
315: We have no plans for the next 2 days. Ah, calm.
316: Crumpet Sr. was supposed to deploy again next week, but due to a minor shoulder problem, he doesn't have to!!
317: This 21 day yoga challenge.
318: Sore muscles telling me I did good work at the gym.
319: It's time to start perusing curriculum options for next year. (Ok, it's early, but I love the process...)
320: I think we get to babysit a little dog next month, for a month. Crumpet and I will be so happy. Grumpy Crumpet Sr, not so much...
321: Less than 99% humidity. (It's been a while!)
322: My senses- sight, hearing, etc.
323: Being able to be there for someone new to Navy life. She's having a really hard time with it.
324: Crumpet telling me he loves me.
325: Honeybees.


  1. So jealous about whale watching! I wonder if I can convince Lars to go whale watching too. Need to check when it's a good time to do it. It's great that Crumpet Sr will stay home for now.

  2. YAY to not having to deploy yet - and that the shoulder problem that delayed it is minor. ;-) Glad you're enjoying the yoga challenge! Stay well!